Ohaus i-DT61XWE - Stainless Steel IP69K Washdown Indicator

SKU: i-DT61XWE~ea
Ohaus i-DT61XWE - Stainless Steel IP69K Washdown Indicator

Ohaus i-DT61XWE - Stainless Steel IP69K Washdown Indicator

SKU: i-DT61XWE~ea
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Ohaus i-DT61XWE - IP68/IP69K Washdown Indicator for Defender 6000

Ohaus i-DT61XWE is constructed in stainless steel housing for enhanced protection against corrosion from cleaners and additives. Features IP68 imersion / IP69K washdown protection rating, with a knife proof front panel - perfect for reliable operation in a harsh environment. Ideal for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications.

i-DT61XWE offers multiple connectivity options, including built in RS-232 and USB host, 2nd RS232/RS485/USB Device, Analog Output, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Ethernet and Discrete I/O with relays. Features hands free, touchless sensors to reduce contamination risk.

  • Library and User Management: Up to 300 library items (stores part number, tare weights, APWs, under/over limits, set points or reference weight) can be shared within different weighing modes. Up to 100 user IDs can be stored for secure user access with traceability. 
  • Accessories available here.


Construction 316 Stainless Steel  Housing + Bracket
Protection IP68 Immersion / IP69K Washdown
Weighing Units Gram;
Application Modes

Percent Weighing;
Dynamic Weighing/Display Hold;
Counting with APW Optimization;

Resolution 75,000
Resolution (Certified) 10,000
Outputs 4 - 20mA;
2 In/4 Out digital I/O
Power Rechargeable Battery (not included);
AC Power (included)
100-240 VAC / 50/60 Hz Universal Power Supply, hardwired or external power bank
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Dimensions Length x Height 290 mm (11.4 in) x  226mm (8.9 in)
Working Environment -10°C – 40°C, 80%RH, non-condensing
14°F – 104°F, 80%RH, non-condensing
Net Weight 2.7 kg (6 lb)
Dimensions (Height) 8.9 in

7-Segment white LED, height 20mm 
3 color checkweigh dot matrix LED
6 Function Keys
12 Numeric Capacitive Keypad

Main Purpose Wet Area Products;
Legal for Trade;
Percent Weighing;
Check Weighing;
Data Communication;
Legal for Trade NTEP Certified;
Measurement Canada Approved

USB Host;

Optional / Available as an Accessory:
Analog Output
2 In/4 Out Discrete I/O
2nd RS232/RS485/USB 

Additional Literature:
Ohaus Defender 6000 - Data Sheet
Ohaus Defender 6000 - D61 Indicator Manual
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