Ohaus Defender 6000 Accessories

SKU: 30412537~ea

Ohaus Defender 6000 Accessories

SKU: 30412537~ea
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Ohaus Defender 6000 Accessories

Ohaus Defender 6000 accessories are available as optional additions to meet the needs of your application. Communication Options, Alibi Memory, cables and scale accessories are all available below.

Communication, Memory Options and Cables:

 Description Compatible Models Part Number
Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Dongle i-DT61XW, TD52P, TD52XW 30412537
Ethernet Kit i-DT61XW, TD52P, TD52XW 30429666
IR Communication Kit i-DT61PW 30572910
2nd RS232/RS458/USB
Device Kit
i-DT61XW, TD52P, TD52XW 30424404
Analog Output Kit i-DT61XW, TD52P, TD52XW 30424403
Discrete I/O with Relay
(2 In/4 Out)
i-DT61XW, TD52P, TD52XW,
R71 Models
Cable RS232 i-DT61XW, TD52XW 80500552
LC Extension Cable, 9 meters Defender 5000,
Defender 6000
M16 Gland with Ferrite i-DT61XW, i-DT61PW,
Alibi Memory Defender 6000, 
Defender 7000.
Ranger 7000

Scale Accessories:

 Description Part Number
Light Tower, 3 Colours IP65 
(Requires Discrete I/O with Relay 30097591)
External Power Bank Holder
(Requires external USB power bank)
Column Kit 10.2in - Stainless Steel 30572908
Column Kit 26.4in - Stainless Steel 30572909
Front Mounting Kit for i-DT61PW 30424024
Pan 12x12 in - Stainless Steel 30427798
Pan 10x10in - Stainless Steel 30427799
Wheel Kit - Defender Series 30616409

Available Literature:
Ohaus Defender 6000 - Data Sheet
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