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Ahlstrom Grade 542 Fluted Filter Paper - 100 Circles

SKU: C002V-18.5~pk

SKU: C002V-18.5~pk

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Ahlstrom Grade 542 Fluted Filter Paper  - 100 Circles

Ahlstrom Grade 542 is the pre-pleated version of Grade 642. Pleating improves the effective surface area which increases flow rate and loading capacity, thus decreasing filtration time. Ahlstrom’s pre-pleated grades can save valuable time and maximize the efficiency of the laboratory filter system. 
  • Grade:  542
  • Diameter: 385mm and 185mm available
  • Retention in µm: 2.0 µm
  • Filtration Speed punch Herzberg sec/100mls: 229
  • Filtration Speed Rapidity mls/min: 30
  • Loading Capacity: Medium