A&D FG-30KCMWP - 30kg x 5g Washdown Bench Scale


A&D FG-30KCMWP - 30kg x 5g Washdown Bench Scale

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A&D FG-30KCMWP - 30kg x 5g Washdown Bench Scale

Discover A&D’s FG-CWP series – the ultimate solution for fast and precise weighing in hygiene-critical environments like food-processing factories. A&D's  Highly Washable All Stainless Steel Platform Scales are designed for optimal cleanliness and ease of maintenance.

Waterproof and Hygienic Design
The stainless steel surface, including the display unit, weighing pan, pole, and frame, is resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches. Achieve superior hygiene control by easily cleaning with alcohol or water, making it perfect for environments where contamination hazards must be avoided.

Perfect for Food Processing
The FG-CWP series is IP67 dust and waterproof, meeting the IEC/EN standard 60529. This ensures protection against water intrusion even when immersed up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The scale's housing prevents particulate matters like flour or seasoned powder from damaging the device.

High-Speed Measurement for Productivity
Experience high-speed measurement with a remarkable 1-second response time, increasing productivity and minimizing operator frustration. The FG-CWP series is optimized for efficiency with a factory setting for normal readability.

 Intuitive Comparator Lights for Accuracy
Our platform scales feature bright and multi-coloured LED comparator lights, enhancing accuracy in checkweighing. With up to 10 comparator limit settings stored for easy changeover, you can save time and costs.

Versatile Connectivity Options
Connect seamlessly with a 3-meter USB cable for both power supply and data communication. Power the scale via an AC adapter, PC USB port, or an off-the-shelf mobile battery. Enjoy bi-directional data communication using Virtual COM when connected to a PC.

Optimized Features for Convenience

Large LCD digits with white backlight for excellent visibility in dim light
Four selectable weighing resolutions for flexibility (1/3,000, 1/6,000, 1/12,000, 1/30,000)
Display hold function for easy reading and recording in external disturbances
Adjustable response characteristics for optimal performance in various conditions
Counting mode for instant and precise counting of small pieces
Freely adjustable display angle for operator convenience
Password lock and key restriction functions to prevent unwanted changes
Impact shock detection (ISD) function to avoid errors or damage due to impact loads
Elevate your weighing experience with A&D’s FG-CWP series – where efficiency, hygiene, and accuracy converge for unparalleled results. 


    Capacity 66lb / 30kg / 1050oz / 30,000g
    Resolution 0.01lb / 0.005kg / 0.2oz / 5g
    Linearity  ±0.01kg
    Repeatability 0.005 kg
    Weighing Units lb, kg, oz, and g
    Stabilization Time
    Approx. 1 sec
    Sensitivity Drift ±20 ppm / ˚C (5 to 35 ˚C / 41 to 95 ˚F)
    Display 7-segment LCD (character height: 30 mm) with backlight 3-color, 3-step LED comparator lights
    Display Refresh Rate  Approx. 10 times / second
    Operating temp –10 ˚C to 40 ˚C / 14 ˚F to 104 ˚F, 85% R.H. or less (no condensation)
    Power supply AC adapter (provided as standard), USB port*iii or mobile battery*iv via USB Type-A (5 V / 100 mA) USB cable length: Approx. 3 m
    Weighing pan size 300 × 380 mm
    11.81 × 14.96 in
    Dimension 300 × 515 × 784 mm
    11.81 × 20.28 × 30.87 in
    Weight 11.1 kg / 24.5 lb


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