BrandTech accu-jet® S Pipette Controller

SKU: 26353~ea

BrandTech accu-jet® S Pipette Controller

SKU: 26353~ea
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BrandTech accu-jet® S Pipette Controller for 0.1mL - 200mL Pipettes

The accu-jet® S pipette controller brings versatility and endurance to your team. It makes lab work simple, easy and efficient, whether you work with cell cultures, in quality control or in a pharma lab. Ideal for cell culture work, reagent preparation, or for general pipetting needs.

Adjust power and precision on the fly with pressure sensitive buttons that smoothly control pipetting speed.  Achieve precise meniscus control when used with pipettes as small as 0.1 mL. Choose between gravity-delivery (for pipettes calibrated "to deliver") or powered blow-out delivery (for pipettes calibrated “to contain”)

New well-balanced design features an ergonomic grip for comfortable uninterrupted use, and the integrated rest position lets you put it down without sacrificing the cleanliness or sterility of your serological pipette. A wall mount also provides additional storage, freeing up space on your work area for disinfection or decontamination tasks. It’s quick and convenient, and ready when you are.

Accu-jet® S comes with:

  • wall support
  • NiMH battery and charger (US plug models listed, others available)
  • 2 spare 0.2µm membrane filters (sterile*)
  • operating manual and one year warranty
  • see below for additional accessories

Additional literature:
accu-jet® S Brochure
 S Data Sheet
accu-jet® S Manual

Please contact us for the following accessories:

accu-jet® accessory
Cat. No.
Wall support 26539
Silicone adapter with PTFE check valve 26508
Spare NiMH battery 26630
AC adapter, 100-240V, 50-60Hz, US plug 26606
Snap tapes, 12x65mm 26547
Membrane filter, 0.2µm, sterile*, each 26530
Membrane filter, 0.2µm, non-sterile, pack of 10 26535
Membrane filter, 3µm, non-sterile, each 26052
Membrane filter, 3µm, non-sterile, pack of 10 26056

*sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO)

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