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BrandTech Seripettor® Bottle Top Dispenser

SKU: 4720120~ea

SKU: 4720120~ea

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BrandTech Seripettor Bottle Top Dispenser
BrandTech seripettor® bottletop dispenser is an economical wiping seal dispenser suitable for many commonly used reagents in biological and chemical laboratories. It precisely dispenses a wide variety of liquids.

Seripettor® is a low-cost, reliable tool for dispensing measured volumes of weak acids, alkaline solutions, polar solvents, isotonic solutions, and agar culture media at up to a max. temperature of 60 °C. Notched volume selector allows for quick and exact volume adjustment. Spring-driven refill function enables one-handed operation.
Innovative design permits simple disassembly and easy replacement of wearing parts, extending instrument life. 

Optional accessories, such as the flexible discharge tube, are available to increase productivity and convenience. The 45 mm standard thread, plus the included adapters with 33 mm, 38 mm and 40 mm thread, fits most common lab bottles. Accessories are available for sterile dispensing.

A* ≤ ± % CV* ≤ % Cat. No.
0.2-2 0.04 1.2 0.2 4720120
1-10 0.2 1.2 0.2 4720140
2.5-25 0.5 1.2 0.2 4720150

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