Brew Better Beer with Tilt Hydrometer & Thermometer

by Trevor Neve

Brewing beer is a craft and art form. So many delicate variables go into the creation of the perfect brew.

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This is why we've brought the Tilt Hydrometer & Thermometer on board - to help Canadian homebrewers brew better beer. The Tilt allows you to wirelessly track your brew's specific gravity and temperature throughout the brewing process without ever opening your carboy. This gives you peace of mind, and allows you to track your brew with the Tilt App. Graph, track and share your metrics - or simply archive them, giving you guidelines on how to re-create consistent brew every time.

Tilt is extremely easy to use, simply pop it in your carboy and begin taking measurements. For those interested in building their own app, the Tilt provides you with this flexibility. You can also run your Tilt from the Tilt Pi - which utilizes a Raspberry Pi.

It takes a 3V Lithium battery, which will last 3 months depending on usage. Below is a how-to video on changing the battery.

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