Beer Blog Round Up!

by Lab Geek

In honour of the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference this week, we're doing a Beer Blog round up. The Cambridge team had a great time at OCBC 2018! 

We are knowledgeable on methodologies laid out by the American Society of Brewing Chemists, and can help you select the right instruments for your beer testing, no matter the scale or size of your operation. From homebrewing to craft brewing, Cambridge is here to help you put your best bottle forward.

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Here's some oldies but goodies on the basics of ensuring you brew quality beer:

Cleaning and Sanitizing your Brew Equipment  - an important step in any brewer's process

ATP Testing for Beer Brewers - a great way to quality control your cleaning practices

Talking about Tilt - The Tilt hydrometer is a revolutionary tool that can help you up your brew game

Don't Be Dense: Use a Hydrometer - our primer on hydrometers, how they work and which scale you should use

Hydrometer Use 101 - Tips and Tricks for accurate hydrometer use


Missed us? Not to worry, we're always available to chat via phone and email:     1-800-535-3751

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