Tilt Hydrometer - Digital Wireless Hydrometer

SKU: TILT-Red~ea

Tilt Hydrometer - Digital Wireless Hydrometer

SKU: TILT-Red~ea
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 Tilt Hydrometer - Bluetooth Enabled Hydrometer

Tilt Hydrometer monitors and tracks the specific gravity and temperature of fermenting beer. Bluetooth enabled hydrometer gives home brewers the chance to guide fermentation along without stalls or hiccups. Easy to use - simply sanitize the Tilt, and drop it into your fermenter.

Designed to fit in a typical carboy, easy to use Tilt takes readings every 10 seconds. An essential tool for any home brew-master; Tilt gives you total control over your brew data.

In addition to the built-in Google Sheets cloud logging integration, there is also Brewstat.us, Monitor.beer, CraftBeerPi, CraftMetrics, and Brewfather.app, and each provide a unique way to collect and analyze your data remotely. We also show you how to "bring your own cloud" by copying this Google Sheets template integration and running it on your own Gmail account. Share, graph, and archive your data and produce consistent brew every time.

Having this data in your hands can help you produce consistent brew, experiment with variables, and recreate your favourite batch of brew. Never open your fermenter or pour out your brew again.


  • Color coded for use of multiple Tilts across multiple batches. You must use different color for each batch, app will not read multiple hydrometers of the same color

    • No foam interference

  • Automatic turn on - just drop into fermenting brew or lay on its side

  • Automatic turn off to save battery - simply stand on its end

  • Arrives ready to go - calibrated with pre-installed battery

  • Easy to use - just sanitize and drop in your carboy


Bluetooth Range:

25 Feet


3 5/8in L x 1 1/8in Diameter

Average Battery Life:

3 Months, depending on use



Thermometer Accuracy:

+/- 0.5°C   - +/- 1°F

Thermometer Range:

0°-85°C    - 32-185° F

Specific Gravity Accuracy:

+/- 0.002

Specific Gravity Range:

0.990 to 1.120


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