Boxing Week Sales

by Bold Commerce

December 26th - December 31st

smart diet scale with food on it, displayed with app on tablet                                                   red tilt hydrometer and thermometer

Save $40.00 on the Smart Diet Scale with discount code NEWYEARS - one code per order.

Get the tool you need to crush your New Year's resolution. Start your weight loss resolution and join the food weighing revolution. Did you know people who track their nutrition are 2x more likely to achieve their weight loss goals?

Save $20.00 on each Tilt Hydrometer purchased with discount code BREW - one code per customer

Are you a homebrewer passionate about your craft? The Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer can help you brew better beer. Wirelessly track the specific gravity and temperature of your brew without ever opening your carboy. Graph and archive your data, share with your friends and start making consistent beer every time!


Cambridge Environmental is committed to bringing you quality products at affordable prices.




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