A&D Weighing SV-10A Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer

SKU: SV-10A~ea
A&D Weighing SV-10A

A&D Weighing SV-10A Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer

SKU: SV-10A~ea
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A&D Weighing SV-10A Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer

Viscosity is an important metric across a range of different scientific and industrial applications.

  • Researchers need to understand how viscosity relates to particle size distribution.
  • Component manufacturers need to be able to control viscosity in coating materials and ceramics. 
  • Even food and drink producers recognize viscosity as a key property.

This is where a great quality viscometer like the Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer can make all the difference. 

The Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer is so named because of the arrangement of its two sensor plates. The plates are found at the end of two narrow arms — similar to those of a tuning fork — which vibrate at their natural resonant frequency of 30 Hz.

This enables an accurate viscosity reading to be taken, based on the amount of electric current required to drive the plates at a uniform amplitude. 

Thanks to the low thermal capacity of the plates, as well as their small size and minimal displacement, the Tuning Fork Vibro enables reliable measurements without changing the temperature or properties of the material. You will even be able to measure the viscosity of a flowing or moving sample.

Why Use the Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer SV-A Series

  • Simple to use, even with difficult samples

The ingenious structure of the Tuning Fork makes precise measurements easy, even when the sample is as small as 2 ml, or when it is being stirred. Very low viscosity samples can be accurately measured with insightful continuous readings.

  • Robust and long-lasting

The sensor plates may be small and non-disruptive to the sample, but they are strong. They are made from chemical-resistant titanium, which keeps them functioning at their best for longer. This is backed up with a robust design across each and every component of the device.

  • Deep insight, thanks to Windows CT integration

The Vibro provides unprecedented levels of data, and is perfect for gaining the insight you need. But how do you make sense of all of this? Easy: The device integrates with Windows Communication Tools software, while the graphing solution, RsVisco, plots the data in real time. Continuous measurement and continuous insight are simple to achieve.

  • A range of accessories designed to help you get the best from your device

Looking to get the most precise and reliable measurements, wherever you need them? The Tuning Fork Vibro is the right choice for you.

  1. The sensor unit and visual display can be detached and used as hand-held devices. A carry case is provided to make sure the device stays safe and secure.
  2. Choose from a selection of cup sets. All sets include 5 x 45 ml polycarbonate cups and a water jacket as standard. Other inclusions vary between sets.
  3. The device is designed to be sensitive and reliable even in difficult circumstances, but the optional anti-vibration table is effective in making the Tuning Fork Vibro even easier to use, regardless of location or conditions.
  • Fine-tune your sample input

When used in conjunction with the staging column, the Tuning Fork Vibro provides exemplary fine-tuning and refining options. Make adjustments on the X, Y, and Z axes, and get your preparations just right. Don't settle for second best when it comes to viscosity data — instead, make sure that your equipment is up to the job.

  • Internationally certified

The Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer carries the ISO 9000 seal — proof that the product is internationally certified as safe and effective for its purpose as a scientific instrument.

The Tuning Fork Vibro does things a little differently than other viscometers in its class, and you are sure to notice the difference in terms of precision and ease of use when you put this instrument to work.

Please see PDF file below for more product details.

Download(s) Available: SV-A Series Literature
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