A&D SV-100A Sine-wave Vibro Digital Viscometer - 1~100Pa·s, 30Hz

SKU: SV-100A~ea
A&D SV-100A Sine-wave Vibro Digital Viscometer - 1~100Pa·s, 30Hz

A&D SV-100A Sine-wave Vibro Digital Viscometer - 1~100Pa·s, 30Hz

SKU: SV-100A~ea
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Revolutionary range & technology - Redefining standard viscosity determination 

Advanced vibrating tuning fork technology works on a wide range of Newtonian Fluids. Provides fast accurate results. easy to use and low maintenance. No expensive calibration and re-certification required, this unit self calibrates.


  • Fast measurements: 1st result within 15 seconds, and refresh in real time
  • Simple operation: no configuration – just push the start button
  • Calibration (judgement and even adjustment) of viscosity possible by the user: 1 or 2 points
  • Simplified and automated calibration  (including adjustment) with pure water
  • High precision with a repeatability of ±1% of displayed value
  • WinCT-Viscosity software for data acquisition on PC, graphic display of curves, and data archiving 
  • Temperature measurement from 0 to 160° C
  • Vibration method allows for negligible thermal impact
  • Low mechanical impact therefore can preserve sample characteristics and its texture
  • Temperature control of sample with water jacket option (included with SV-100A) or other methods
  • Wide measurement range: 1,000 – 100,000mPa.s for SV-100A
  • Measurement of very low viscosities (down to 1/3 of water viscosity!)
  • Small size sample: cups of 35ml, 13ml, 10ml,
  • Possible continuous measurements in order to characterize changes of state
  • More application possibilities due to measurements taken directly into your containers of choice: beakers, product packages



1 — 100 Pa·s


Pa·s, P


1% of Reading (S.D., 20~30°C, No condensation)


±3% (1~1000mPaô€‰¾s)


Tuning Fork Vibration Method (Natural Frequency at 30Hz)

Minimum Sample Amount


Product Dimensions

Main Unit: 112X132X291 mm  (4.4x5.2x11.2")

Display Unit: 238X132X170 mm  (9.3x5.2x6.7")


0.8kg/1.7 lbs | 1.3kg/2.8 lbs

Temperature Measurement:

0~160°C / 0.1°C(32~320°F/0.1°F)


Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)

Power Supply:

AC Adaptor (Approx. 14VA)

Standard Accessories Included:

  • Stand for Securing the Sensor Unit

  • X-Y-Z Stage

  • Cup Set (45ml polycarbonate x 5; 10ml with cover, polycarbonate x 5; 13ml glass x2; glass same cup holder, stainless steel x1; Water Jacket x 1)

  • Software Set (including a Serial-USB Converter)

  • AC Adaptor

  • Connection Cable (1.5m)

  • Carrying Case

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