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Triple Scale Hydrometer

SKU: C150~ea

SKU: C150~ea

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Triple Scale Hydrometer
Full colour, triple scale hydrometer with specific gravity, brix and potential alcohol scales. A very versatile instrument, this hydrometer is ideal for beer and wine makers. Individually handcrafted in the USA to NIST traceable standards. Available with or without a built in thermometer. Calibrated to 20°C / 68°F.

Allows you to determine sugar content 3 different ways:
  • Brix scale (0-38%): allows you to measure sugar content as a percentage of weight - most useful for winemakers
  • Specific Gravity (0.990 - 1.170) scale measures a liquid's sugar solids as to the density of water - most useful for beer brewers
  • Potential Alcohol (0-22%) scale determines the potential alcohol content based on the sugar content of the liquid - most useful for everyone
  • Length without Thermometer: 228mm / 9in
  • Length with Thermometer: 304mm / 12in
 Scale Range Subdivisions
Specific Gravity  (0.990 - 1.170) 0.002 SpGr
Brix (0-38%)  .5% Brix
Alcohol (0-22%)  .5% Alcohol