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Transparent Vinyl Plastic Tubing

SKU: TVP-01~ea

SKU: TVP-01~ea

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Transparent Vinyl Plastic Tubing - Sold by the Foot
A transparent, flexible polyvinyl chloride tubing that is tasteless and may be steam sterilized. It has excellent chemical resistance to organic acids, alkalis and weak acids. Operating temperature: -20 to +165°F.
 Part # Inner Diameter Outer Diameter TubeThickness
TVP-01 4mm (1/8") 7mm (1/4") 1.6mm (1/16")
TVP-06  9.5mm (3/8") 16mm (5/8") 3.2mm (1/8")
This product is sold by the foot (305mm), so for example, if you order 3 of this item you will receive three feet (915mm) of continuous tubing.