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Three Line, Programmable, Traceable, Digital Timer

SKU: 5008~ea

SKU: 5008~ea

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Units: 1 Timer

Displays three different countdown/alarm times simultaneously. Channels may be started individually or concurrently and programmed to count down from 99 hrs, 59 min, 59 sec to 1 second. When zero is reached, alarm sounds, "Times Up" is displayed, and the timer begins counting up. Perfect unit to dedicate to a group of repetitive tests. May also be used as three stopwatches or in any combination of up/down timing. Display has a time-of-day clock. Easy to read 3/8" digits. Supplied with a magnetic back, easel stand, Traceable® Certificate, and 1-1/2-year silver-oxide battery. Chemical-resistant ABS case.