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TWIRL'EM Write-On Sterile Sample Bags - Pack of 500

SKU: WPBS-3X5~pk

SKU: WPBS-3X5~pk

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Sterile Sample Bags - TWIRL'EM
Sterile write-on sampling bags with built-in secure closure tabs. Ideal for the shipping and storage of all forms of sample material. Provides a secure, contaminant free pliant container that ensures dependable analysis results.
TWIRL'EM® products are a proven, economical and efficient way to collect, contain and carry samples. Great for solids, semi-solids and liquids. Meets USDA and ACIA industry standards and is made with FDA-compliant material.
 Size Capacity 
3" x 5" 2 oz / 60ml
3" X 7" 4 oz / 130ml
4.5" X 9" 15 oz / 450ml
6"  X  9" 22 oz / 650ml 
5" X 12" 27 oz / 800ml
5" X 15"

36 oz / 1080ml

Units: 500 Bags / Pack