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Spare Parts for Zahm & Nagel #1000D CO² Volume Meter

SKU: ZN1025-100~pk

SKU: ZN1025-100~pk

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Spare Parts for Zahm & Nagel #1000D CO²  Volume Meter

Spare parts and gaskets for the Zahm & Nagel #1000D CO2 Meter.
If you need a part not listed here, we can source it for you - 1-800-535-3751

 Part Number Description
ZN1025-100 Gasket for Clamping Device - PK/100
ZN1029 Dual Scale Pressure Gauge 0-30 PSI/0-2.1 KG/CM2 
ZN1036 Replacement Sight Glass
ZN1038A Sight Glass Gasket Top, pack of 5
ZN1038B Sight Glass Gasket Bottom, pack of 5
ZN1042 Aspirator Bulb Complete
ZN1045 Gooseneck, w/ 1/8″ NPT, OEM on units built AFTER 1990
ZN1047 Piston O-Ring Lube

Gasket Kit, SS-60 - Contains:

  • 1 x #1009 Piston O-Ring
  • 1 x #1010 Piston Body Gasket
  • 1 x #1038A, 1 x #1038B Sight Glass Gasket Set
  • 4 x #1020A-3 Small O-Ring for 1020 Valves
  • 2 x #1020A-4 Large O-Ring for 1020 Valves
  • 3 x #1025 Gasket for Clamping Device