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No. 10 US. Standard Opening Brass Sieve

SKU: SBFH-07~ea

SKU: SBFH-07~ea


Full Height No. 10 US. Standard Opening Brass Sieve - 2000 Microns 

All Brass Sieve #10 US Standard Opening. Sieve is serialized and supplied with a certificate showing conformance to ASTM E11, ISO565 and ANSI Standards.

Name plate affixed to the frame shows the U.S. Standard, mesh size, and mesh size in microns, inches and millimeters. Inside dimensions are 8 inches diameter by 2 inches deep. Furnished without covers or bottom pans.

  • Dimensions(Dia.xD): 204 x 51mm (8 x 2")
  • US Standard Opening No.: 10
  • Microns: 2000
  • Units: 1 Sieve