Reach-In Digital Microbiological Incubators

SKU: SMI31~ea

Reach-In Digital Microbiological Incubators

SKU: SMI31~ea
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Reach-In Large Capacity Digital Microbiological Incubators

Reach-in large capacity digital microbiological incubators provide ample chamber capacity, while minimizing floor space used. Ideal for general cell culture and constant temperature applications. Microprocessor controller achieves precise temperature uniformity. An independent, secondary temperature controller offers the added security of over temperature protection. 
  • Chamber floors are reinforced to support roller apparatus or shakers. Both models are supplied with six shelves capable of supporting the weight of benchtop instruments,
  • Redesigned for optimum performance, featuring the new 7-inch touch screen display provides advanced control functions. With on-screen graphing and real-time data, the new SMI controller provides the highest levels of sample security and traceability.
  • Stainless steel interior construction for long life operation and easy cleaning. Condensed connection panel includes; 4-20mA analog output, dry contact port, and USB A port. 
Unique air-jacketed design provides excellent temperature uniformity of +/-0.5°C at 37°C. High level of performance is due to a precise microprocessor controller and a unique warm air jacket design. Triple wall construction allows heated air to circulate within an open plenum between the inner chamber and exterior walls. Interior chamber outlet (1-amp). Sealed glass inner door allows for viewing without disturbing the critical growth atmosphere.


  • Large, easy-to-read display screen with Data logged once per minute
  • Data export via USB
  • Export in .CSV file
  • Stores up to 5 years of log data
  • Password locking capabilities
  • Smart alarm: accounts for door openings and temperature set point changes before alarm 
  • Temperature deviation alarm
  • 24 month limited warranty
 Model Volume Interior Dims (WxDxH) Exterior Dims
SMI31 30.9 cu. ft 
874 L
32.5” x 26.0” x 63.3”
825 X 660 X 1607 mm
38.8” x 34.3” x 76.9”
985 x 871 x 1953 mm
406 lbs
184 kg
SMI39 38.6 cu. ft
1093 L
35.6” x 26.0” x 76.0”
904 X 660 X 1930 mm
41.5” x 34.3” x 90.3”
1054 X 872 X 2293 mm
497 lbs
225 kg


Temperature Range Ambient + 8°C to 70°C 
Temperature Uniformity ±0.8°C @37°C
Jacket Type Air
Interior Metal 430 SST
  • 6 Standard
  • SMI31 - 16 Max
  • SMI39 - 20 Max 
    Shelf Dimensions (W x D)
    • SMI31 - 25 × 32.4 (635 mm × 823 mm)
    • SMI39 - 24 × 34.4 (610 mm × 874 mm)
    Controller Type Digital
    Display Resolution 0.1 °C
    Electrical Specifications  110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 14.5 Amps
    Max HVAC Load SMI31 - 3084 BTUs/hr
    SMI39 - 3971 BTUs/hr
    Safety Certifications UL 61010-1EN 61010-1CSA 61010-1, CE

    Available Literature:
    SMI Literature
    SMI Manual

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