RADWAG WLC 0.2.X2 Precision Balance 0.2kg x 0.001g

SKU: WLC 0.2.X2~ea
RADWAG WLC 0.2.X2 Precision Balance 0.2kg x 0.001g

RADWAG WLC 0.2.X2 Precision Balance 0.2kg x 0.001g

SKU: WLC 0.2.X2~ea
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RADWAG WLC 0.2.X2 Precision Balance 0.2kg x 0.001g

WLC 0.2.X2 Precision Balance 0.2kg x 0.001g marks a new high-point in precision balances, with a capacitive display offering maximum convenience and ergonomic design for daily tasks. It boasts a variety of interfaces to select optimal communication methods, as well as IR sensors to perform hands-free functions, by simply moving a hand across the sensor. A few of these functions would be tarring and transmitting results to a printer or sequentially activating processes. The robust plastic housing contains a stainless steel pan to ensure durability.

Databases in X2 series balances
In new WLC.X2 series balances the information system is based on 7 databases which allow several users to work with database storing several products. The registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis.
The data is registered in 7 databases:
  • Users (up to 10 users),
  • Products (up to 5 000 products),
  • Weighments (up to 50 000 weighments),
  • Packaging (up to 100 packaging types),
  • Formulas (up to 100 formulas),
  • Clients (up to 1000 clients),
  • ALIBI memory (up to 512 000 weighments).
The X2 series features option of making reports on formulas (up to 500 reports).
ALIBI Memory
The X2 series balances offer ALIBI memory, ensuring safety and automatically recording measurements. In addition, users have the option of data preview, copying and archiving, with capacity for storing up to 500,000 weighment records.

Personalization taken to the next level
The X2 is the only balance available on the market that provides a user with the option to design display using wide selection of widgets. Customized display of X2 series offers direct access to the results of your work and other important information directly from the home screen.

Maximum capacity [Max]


Readability [d]


Tare range






Stabilization time



internal (automatic)

Leveling system



5" graphic colour touchscreen

Protection class

IP 43

Weighing pan dimensions


Packaging dimensions


Net weight


Gross weight


Database Capacity


Communication interface

2 x RS232¹, USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®

Power supply

Adapter: 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz 0.6A; 12V DC 1.2A
Balance: 10 – 15VDC 0.6A max

Operating temperature

+10 — +40°C


Additional Literature:

WLC 0.2.X2 - Datasheet

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