RADWAG MYA 5.5Y.F1 Microbalance 5.1g x 1 µg

SKU: MYA 5.5Y.F1~ea
RADWAG MYA 5.5Y.F1 Microbalance 5.1g x 1 µg

RADWAG MYA 5.5Y.F1 Microbalance 5.1g x 1 µg

SKU: MYA 5.5Y.F1~ea
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RADWAG MYA 5.5Y.F1 Microbalance 5.1g x 1 µg

MYA 5.5Y.F1 Microbalance 5.1g x 1 µg is an advanced analytical weighing device of the ELLIPSIS series of balances.  Accurately determining weight, the ELLIPSIS series of balances can additionally provide digital auditing, voice command capability and is able to send light messages. MYA 5.5Y.F1 eliminates manual labor and ensures maximum accuracy with ReflexLEVEL System's automated leveling capabilities.
The digital weighing auditor equips the balance with real-time air buoyancy compensation and informs about the need for periodic inspection of accuracy and sensitivity. Additionally, the balance can be verified with a user password, RFID card, fingerprint reader, facial recognition mechanism, or a combination there these.
10’’ display offers comprehensive overview, up to 3 screens, widgets, charts, statuses, notes, and measurement history. Colour coding helps users observe and assess statuses, results, operations, and alerts with ease. Customizable widgets enable users to display essential data.
MYA 5.5Y.F1 can be used with any connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, to access a series of measurements or generate a report in the handy library compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, including one ready for digital signature.
Adjacency, a process executed at two points as opposed to one, increases accuracy across the entire weighing range. This can provide more precise measurement outcomes. Additionally, the scale presents information regarding whether the weight of the sample is below or above the minimum weight allowance. 

Maximum capacity [Max]


Minimum Load


Readability [d]


Verification Scale Interval [e]


Tare range


Standard repeatability [5% Max]


Standard repeatability [Max]


Standard minimum weight (USP)


Standard minimum weight (U=1%, k=2)


Permissible repeatability [5% Max]


Permissible repeatability [Max]




Eccentric Load Deviation


Stabilization time

max 8s


internal (automatic)

OIML Class


Leveling System

automatic - Reflex Level System


10″ touchscreen

Delivery Components

Microbalance, terminal, weighing pan, weighing pan for filters, centering ring, power supply, pincette, brush, fabric dust cover

Weighing Chamber Dimensions


Weighing pan dimensions

ø160 + ø26mm

Packaging dimensions


Net weight


Gross weight


Communication interface

USB-A ×2, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, Hotspot

Power supply

Adapter: 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz 1A; 15V DC 2.4A
Balance: 12 – 15V DC 1.6A max*

Operating temperature

+10 — +40°C

Operating temperature change rate

±0.3°C/1h (±1°C/8h)

Relative Humidity

40% — 80%

Relative Humidity change rate

±1%/h (±4%/8h)


Additional Literature:

MYA 5.5Y.F1 - Datasheet


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