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85 LPM, High Vacuum Pump with Guage

SKU: VP3~ea

SKU: VP3~ea

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Free Air Displacement: 85 liters per minute (3 CFM)
Ultimate Vacuum: 1-micron laboratory conditions/better than 25 microns field conditions
Pump Speed: 1725 RPM
Motor: 1/2 HP 110V, 60Hz
Gauge: 0-30" Hg Bourdon type steel-case vacuum gauge securely mounted to the intake.
Oil Capacity: 27oz. (785cc)
Operating Temperature: 30º F to 170ºF
Intake Port: 3/8” OD for 3/8” ID Tubing
Weight: 30 lbs.
Dimensions(HxLxW): 275 x 350 x 125mm (11 x 14 x 5 ¼")
Units: 1 Pump

This direct drive, rotary vane pump provides the best Performance/Cost Ration available today. Reliable and quiet. Comes complete with initial supple of High Vacuum Pump oil. Ready to operate.