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Ohaus STORP1 Plastic Gel ORP Electrode



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Ohaus STORP1 Plastic Gel ORP Electrode

The OHAUS Starter Series of electrodes are designed to produce exact results time and time again.  They fit perfectly in the electrode holders on OHAUS bench meters as well as electrode clips on all OHAUS portable meters. 

Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) electrodes test for the overall availability of electrons in a medium, specifically the ratio of positive and negative ions in the solution. They are also sometimes referred to as Redox electrodes. ORP is the only practical method used to electronically monitor sanitizer effectiveness and it is also commonly tested in water, such as swimming pools and aquariums.


  • Shaft Material: Plastic
  • Temperature Range: 0-80 ˚C
  • Internal Reference Type: Ag/AgCl
  • Refillable/Non-refillable: Non-refillable, gel
  • Reference Junction Type: Ceramic Pin
  • Refilling Reference Electrolyte: 3M KCI Gel
  • Dimensions (Shaft): 120 x 12mm
  • Cable Length: 1m
  • Temperature Sensor: No
  • Connector: BNC
  • Zero Potential Value: 86mV±15mV
  • Grade Difference: ≥ 165mV


To ensure accurate measurements, it is important to keep the electrode clean. Contamination can cause inaccurate results and slow response times.

 Starter Series Electrodes Data Sheet