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Ohaus ST400D-G Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Optical Technology

SKU: ST400D-G~ea

SKU: ST400D-G~ea

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The OHAUS ST400D-G is a a practical, affordable, low-maintenance Dissolved Oxygen (DO) portable meter equipped with optical technology - ideal for applications that require simple yet accurate DO measurements. The Starter 400D portable water analysis meters were created with versatility in mind. They can be operated in the lab with the support of built-in stand, or in the field. Easy to use with a clear, well-organized LCD screen, one touch recall of calibration data and stored information. In addition, they are equipped with IP54 protection which shields the meter from damage by water and dust particles. The ST400DG comes with the 400D Meter with IP54 Sets, Electrode Clip, Wrist Strap, 4 AAA Batteries, Portable Bag, and a STDO21 Optical DO Probe.

UNSPSC Code: 41115603

Download(s) Available: ST400D-G
Download(s) Available: Starter Portable Meters Literature