Ohaus Defender 5000 - 125kg x 5g Legal for Trade Bench Scale - 18" x 18"

SKU: D52P125RQL2~ea

Ohaus Defender 5000 - 125kg x 5g Legal for Trade Bench Scale - 18" x 18"

SKU: D52P125RQL2~ea
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Ohaus Defender 5000 - 125kg x 5g Legal for Trade Bench Scale - 18" x 18"

Ohaus Defender 5000 multifunctional bench scale is ideal for a multitude of applications, including production, packaging, inventory and shipping. Ruggedly constructed with a stainless steel platform, and your choice of an ABS or stainless steel indicator and two profiles - low profile or column mount. Includes advanced features such as maximum configurability print output, GMP/GLP data output, library/ user management, and multiple connectivity options.

Simple operation with SmarText 3.0 interface that guides the user with on-screen prompts on the large, backlit display. Features a high storage capacity - supports 50,000 item library and 1,000 user profiles which can be downloaded/uploaded for easy set-up with the included Micro SD Card. Equipped with GLP/GMP output capability with time/date for result traceability. Multiple connectivity options allow data output via built-in RS232 or optional interfaces including 2nd RS232/RS485/USB device, Ethernet, Bluetooth/WiFi, Analog Output and Discrete I/O with relays. Alibi memory available. 

Application Modes:
  • Parts Counting with APW optimization
  • Checkweighing / Checkcounting
  • Percent Weighing
  • Dynamic Weighing
  • Display Hold

Format + Indicator Model Number
Column with ABS Indicator (TD52P) D52P125RQL2
Column with Stainless Steel Indicator (TD52XW) D52XW125RQL2
Low Profile with ABS Indicator (TD52P) D52P125RQL5
Low Profile with Stainless Steel Indicator (TD52XW) D52XW125RQL5


Maximum Capacity 250 lb (125 kg)
Readability 0.01 lb (5 g)
Readability (Certified) 0.05 lb (20 g)
Platform Size 18 in x 18 in (457 mm x 457 mm)
Legal for Trade Measurement Canada Approved;  NTEP Certified
Power AC Power (Included);  Rechargeable Battery (Not Included)
Battery Life 20 Hours with Rechargeable Battery
Communication RS232 (Included);  2nd RS232/RS485/USB (Available as an Accessory);  USB Host (Available as an Accessory);  WiFi/Bluetooth (Available as an Accessory);  Ethernet (Available as an Accessory)
With Column: 36.8 in x 24.7 in x 18 in (934 mm x 627 mm x 457 mm) (HxLxW)

Low Profile: 4.8 in x 28.9 in x 18 in (122 mm x 734 mm x 457 mm) (HxLxW)
Display Dot matrix LCD with white LED backlight
Net Weight
39.7 lb (18 kg)
Outputs 3 In/4 Out digital I/O;  4 - 20mA
Platform Construction Stainless Steel
Protection Rating Not Applicable
Second Scale Input Not Applicable
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Units of Measurement Custom;  Gram;  Kilogram;  Metric Tonnes;  Ounce;  Pound;  Pound:Ounce;  Tonne
Working Environment 14°F – 104°F, 80%RH, non-condensing (-10°C – 40°C, 80%RH, non-condensing)

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