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Ohaus Defender 3000 Hybrid - 300 Kg x 50 g Legal for Trade Bench Scale

SKU: i-D33XW300B1V3~ea

SKU: i-D33XW300B1V3~ea

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Ohaus Defender 3000 Hybrid - 300 Kg x 50 g Legal For Trade Bench Scale - 31.5" x 23.6"

Defender 3000 Series Bench Scales are perfect for general weighing, simple counting and checkweighing applications in production, warehouse, inventory, packaging, shipping and receiving areas. Defender 3000 series features a 7 Segment LCD with multicolor backlight display, tubular-frame base design and indicators with tangible keys, AC or battery operation and adjustable mounting capabilities.

Unique Features:
  • In Checkweighing mode, the display changes color to yellow, green, or red to alert when it is within the target weight range.
  • It is constructed of ABS plastic indicator, 304-stainless steel platform, powder-coated steel tubular frame, aluminum load cell, and non-slip adjustable rubber feet.
  • Standard RS232 and optional USB Device or Ethernet

Application Modes:
  • Weighing 
  • Checkweighing
  • Counting
  • Totalization

     Indicator Position Model #
    Column Mount i-D33XW300B1V3


    Maximum Capacity 300 kg (600 lb)
    Readability 50 g (0.1 lb)
    Readability (Certified) 100 g (0.2 lb)
    Platform Size 31.5 in x 23.6 in (800 mm x 600 mm)
    Legal for Trade Measurement Canada Approved; AM-6183; NTEP Certified
    Power 6 C (LR14) Batteries (Not Included);  Rechargeable Battery (Not Included);  AC Power (Included)
    Communication Ethernet (Available as an Accessory);  RS232 (Included);  USB (Available as an Accessory)
    Battery Life 100 Hours with Rechargeable Battery;  360 Hours with Disposable Batteries
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 36.7 in x 47 in x 23.6 in (933 mm x 1,195 mm x 600 mm)
    Display 7 Segment LCD with multicolor backlight
    Net Weight 46.7 kg (103 lbs)
    Platform Construction Stainless Steel
    Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
    Units of Measurement Gram;
    Working Environment -10°C – 40°C, 85%RH, non-condensing (14°F – 104°F, 85%RH, non-condensing)