MTC Bio Disposable Spreaders

SKU: M5420~ea
MTC Bio Disposable Spreaders

MTC Bio Disposable Spreaders

SKU: M5420~ea
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MTC Bio Disposable Spreaders
MTC Bio Disposable Spreaders offer four different shapes and sizes in sterile packaging for safe and easy inoculation. With smooth, rounded edges, they prevent accidental cuts, scrapes, and gouging of agar surfaces. Ideal for laboratory, clinical, and industrial applications.
  • Spread cultures and liquids evenly
  • Smooth-edges - minimize "gouging"
  • 3 configurations: "L", "T", or Triangle
  • Ideal for bacterial CFU counts
  • Presterilized - no flaming required

The original spreader is an ideal tool for evenly spreading bacterial cultures. Crafted from ABS, their unique curved edge ensures a smooth and precise application process, perfect for round plates and dishes. Enjoy easy, efficient spreading with every use.

This shape is designed to evenly distribute liquids over agar culture plates. With their 34mm spreading surface and superior ABS build quality, you can be sure that each application is consistent and quickly achieved. Perfect for CFU plate counts on water, milk, urine and more.

Triangle Shape
This new design is also used for CFU count applications, but has a grooved handle that improves grip and orientation. Made of polypropylene, they are available with a 30mm span or an extra large 60mm span.

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