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Milwaukee MI515-100 Reagent Calibration Kit

SKU: 9139-MI515-100~ea

SKU: 9139-MI515-100~ea

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Milwaukee MI515-100 Reagent Calibration Kit for Turbidity Meter

The MI515-100 liquid reagent calibration kit includes high-quality reagents that are ready-to-use with Milwaukee's Turbidity Meter MI415. The kit contains 1 x 30 mL 0 (FNU), 1 x 30 mL 10 (FNU) and 1 x 30 mL 500 (FNU). 

Simply place the vial into the cuvette holder, press "cal" and follow the prompts for the 0, 10 and 500 (FNU) calibration. Once calibrated, the meter is ready to go.

The kit features pre-made calibration standards for precision and ease of use.  Reagents are marked with an expiration date and a lot number for traceability.