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Milwaukee MA924B/1 Refillable Combination ORP Probe for MI455 Mini Titrator

SKU: 9139-MA924B.1~ea

SKU: 9139-MA924B.1~ea

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Milwaukee MA924B/1 Refillable Combination ORP Probe for MI455 Mini Titrator

The MA924B/1 is lab grade ORP electrode designed for use with the Milwaukee MI455 SO2 Mini Titrator.

The glass body is ideal for use in wine applications because it’s easily cleaned and gives fast results.  The probe has a platinum sensing ring design which is preferred for most ORP applications.  The double junction means that virtually no silver from the reference cell is mixed with the sample; this helps to reduce the risks of clogging. 

The ability to refill the electrolyte solution extends the life of the probe. It is recommended to use the MA9011 3.5M KCl fill solution. With a refillable ORP electrode, best results are achieved if the fill cap is removed to create a higher flow rate. This results in a faster and more stable reading.


  • Body: Glass
  • Reference: Double, Ag/AgCl
  • Junction: Ceramic, Single
  • Electrolyte: MA9011 3.5M KCl
  • Range: 0-14 pH
  • Shape: Platinum Ring
  • Diameter: 0.3 inches
  • Dimensions: 4.7 inches / 6.4 inches
  • Operating Temperature: 68 to 104°F
  • Cable length: 3.3 feet
  • Connection: BNC


Properly maintaining the ORP probe will provide fast, accurate results for longer.  Here are tips to keep the probe working properly:

  1. Always store with the cap full of buffer or storage solution, not water.
  2. Clean the probe regularly by soaking it in cleaning solution.
  3. Calibrate after cleaning and/or storage before testing to adjust for changes in the probe sensor
  4. Gently stir the probe in the sample for a faster result.