Luxeo 6i Stereo Zoom Microscope (CMO)

SKU: 4147400~ea

Luxeo 6i Stereo Zoom Microscope (CMO)

SKU: 4147400~ea
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Luxeo 6i Stereo Zoom Microscope (CMO) - Binocular

Luxeo 6i Stereo Zoom Microscope delivers leading-edge engineering and design to ensure the best performance to value ratio, best suited for industrial and medical purposes. A smooth 6:1 zoom control, bright co-axial LED illumination with strategically placed light controls, and a clear-cut apochromatic Galilean optical system delivers precision in image resolution. Luxeo 6i features a binocular 20° inclined head, gooseneck illumination, and an ergonomic control cluster ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort. 
Luxeo 6i Stereo Zoom Microscope has a variety of stand options to be able to adapt to virtually any workstation. Use the pole stand for extra specimen height adjustments, BF/DF Base for translucent specimen and transmitted illumination, mirror base for dark field and transmitted illumination, or the medium and heavy duty boom stands for viewing larger objects. 
 Optical System Galilean
Magnification 6:1 Zoom Ratio
Eyepiece WF 10x/22mm with foldable eye guards, ±8mm diopter adjustment Optional:12.5x, 16X and 20X eyepieces
Diopter Correction + / - 5 Diopters
Viewing Body Binocular 20°, 49-78mm IPD/Optional: 0-210° tiltable ergo head
Magnification Range 8x to 50x Continuous
Object Field Diameter 4.4 to 27.50mm
Illumination Control Incident Light:
Coaxial light with intensity control
Dual goose neck for extra illumination

Transmitted Light: Two options - detachable BF/DF (Bright field/Dark field) base; preconfigured mirror base for transparent objects

All intensity controlled through membrane switch on microscope pod
Camera Adapters C-mount adapters 0.3x, 0.5x, 0.7x; DSLR adapters for Canon, Sony and Nikon, and iPhone
Auxiliary Objectives (Optional) 1.0x Apochromat standard
Optional objectives: Achromats: 0.32x, 0.50x, 0.63x, 0.80x, 1.0x Plan Apochromat: 1.25x
LED Life Up to 25,000 hours
Light Quality Homogeneous daylight (6500ºK), free of UV and IR emissions
Power Supply Universal 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz integrated power supply with voltage flux stabilizer
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