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Sterile Disposable Inoculating Needle / Loops - Pk/1000



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Sterile Disposable Combination Inoculating Needle / Loops  - Pk/1000 

This disposable, inoculating needle/loop combination is commonly used in microbiology laboratories to move and inoculate living microorganisms. 

The inoculation needle is used to transfer microbial organisms from the plate culture to the needle.  Use the needle to transfer the specimen to the soft agar medium as this will result in more growth on the stab line. 

The inoculation loop (also called smear loop, inoculation wand or microstreaker) is used by microbiologists to regain an inoculum from the culture of microorganisms and is used to cultivate microbes on plates when transferring the inoculum for streaking. 


Description 10µL Loop 1µL Loop
Material Rigid ABS Rigid ABS
Size L x D:  200 x 4 mm LxD 200 x 4mm
Package 1000/pk (20/bag) 1000/pk (20/bag)