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0-15° Brix Hydrometer - Polycarbonate

SKU: H9112-03~ea

SKU: H9112-03~ea

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0-15° Brix Hydrometer - Polycarbonate

Plastic Brix Hydrometer fabricated from polycarbonate  which makes the instrument shatterproof, while offering glass like clarity for ease of reading.

Used to measure the percent of sugar (Degrees BRIX) in a solution. Useful in food, beverage, beer/wine production.

Plain form, so a separate thermometer should be used to measure the temperature of the sample and correct for any temperature variations.

  • Brix 0-15°

  • Temperature standard: 20° C / 60°F

  • Divisions: 0.2° Brix

  • Length: 285mm (11 inches)

  • Outside Diameter: 22mm

  • Suitable for certification

  • Temperature correction factor on the thermometer scale

  • Each Scale Division = % of sucrose by weight.

  • May be Certified - Traceable to NIST

  • Calibrated against NIST Standards