Plastic Brix Hydrometers

SKU: H9112-03
Plastic Brix Hydrometers

Plastic Brix Hydrometers

SKU: H9112-03
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Plastic Brix Hydrometers

Plastic Brix Hydrometer fabricated from polycarbonate, providing durability and glass like clarity. Never shatter a hydrometer again. Used to measure the percent of sugar (Degrees BRIX) in a solution. Useful in food, beverage, beer/wine production.

Plain form - a separate thermometer should be used to measure the temperature of the sample and correct for any temperature variations.

  • Offered in two options:
    • 0-15° BRIX
    • 0-50° BRIX
  • Temperature standard: 20° C / 60°F
  • Divisions:
    • 0-15° @ 0.2° Brix Divisions
    • 0-50° @ 0.5° Brix Divisions
  • Length: 285mm (11 inches)
  • Outside Diameter: 22mm
  • Suitable for certification
  • Temperature correction factor on the thermometer scale
  • Each Scale Division = % of sucrose by weight.
  • May be Certified - Traceable to NIST
  • Calibrated against NIST Standards
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