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Graduated Polymethylpentene Griffin Beakers - Low Form

SKU: BKTPX-50~ea

SKU: BKTPX-50~ea

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Polymethylpentene Low Form Griffin Beakers with Molded Graduations

Autoclavable beakers have easy-to-read graduations and ribs for easy stacking. PMP is the most unique plastic with remarkable mechanical strength characteristics. This plastic has transparency almost equal to glass. The chemical resistance is excellent. Avoid, however, prolonged exposure to strong oxidizers and hydrocarbons. PMP can withstand short exposure to temperatures as high as 180 ºC. Continuous exposure at 150 ºC is possible.

  • Crystal clear polymethyl pentene (PMP)
  • Molded Graduations
  • Special no-drip pour spout
  • Graduated in milliliters (mL)
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Chemically resistant to most acids, bases and many common solvents
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 180°C for short periods of time
  • Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes
  • Also known as TPX®, a registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals
  • Sold by the each 

    Part Number  Graduations in mL
    BKTPX-50 50 mL
    BKTPX-100 100 mL
    BKTPX-250 250 mL
    BKTPX-600 600 mL
    BKTPX-1L 1000 mL
    BKTPX-2L 2000 mL