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Graduated Polypropylene Bottle

SKU: BGPPWM-1000~ea

SKU: BGPPWM-1000~ea

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Graduated Polypropylene Bottle - Wide Mouth
Wide mouth graduated polypropylene bottles. Translucent and made from rigid polypropylene, bottles are autoclavable and can withstand temperatures up to 135°C. Specially designed closure features long neck threads, ensuring a leakproof seal and has hole for tagging. FDA compliant for food and beverage, suitable for foodstuff. Maximum temperature is 135°C for polypropylene. 
 Capacity Dimensions (Dia.xH):
250ml  61 x 146mm (2.4 x 5.8")
500ml 76 x 172mm (3 x 6.8")
1000ml 95 x 212mm (3.7 x 8.3")
2000ml 122 x 251mm (4.8 x 9.9")