Gluggle Jug - Roosters

SKU: G31678-Green~ea

Gluggle Jug - Roosters

SKU: G31678-Green~ea
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Wade Ceramics Gluggle Jug - Rooster

The iconic British design, first manufactured in the 1860's the Guggle Jug from Wade Ceramics is a whimsical collectible that is sure to bring joy to any table setting! The Rooster Gluggle Jugs make a wonderful deep gluggle sound when poured and righted.

Available in Large and Mini sizes for a limited time! 

Rooster Gluggle jugs are designed for lovers of farm chic decor and will be available for a limited amount of time, as once sold will not be reproduced. Ideal for use as a water or wine jug, or ornament. To clean, we would recommend hand washing it in hot soapy water and rinsing thoroughly to remove any liquid from the jug before use.

Crafted from lead-free, fully vitrified ceramic, glazed inside and out. Waterproof and food-safe. 


History of the Gluggle Jug:

Wade Ceramics ‘gluggling’ jugs have a rich history, with the earliest designs being traced back to the 19th Century. Their rise to popularity came in the mid-1900s, when Dartmouth Pottery began producing their own range and a pair of bespoke jugs were gifted to the Royal Family on a visit to the Britannia Naval College in 1958. These fascinating water jugs soon became collectables, with particular designs still sought after.

Today, Wade produces a range of ‘gluggling’ jugs which have been fondly named Gluggle Jugs in recognition of their long history of bringing unique sound to meal tables across the world. These charming jugs are the perfect centerpieces, combining character, fun and tradition with functionality.

Whether you’re pouring a fine spirit, fresh water, or a sweet dessert wine, we have a Gluggle Jug to suit you. Produced in Stoke-On-Trent, England, our jugs display the true capabilities of Wade’s design and manufacturing expertise, making use of the finest British raw materials and skilled craftmanship to produce timeless classics which put the fun into pouring.

About Wade Ceramics:
Since 1810, Wade has been designing and manufacturing iconic ceramics, uniting the best of British workmanship and finest raw materials with the company’s contemporary style to deliver practical, premium quality products. People are the key to Wade’s history of success, with skilled craftsmanship and effective teamwork lying at the company’s core.
Wade’s experienced team have selected the best processes and source the finest materials to ensure the Wade brand continues to be a recognized mark of quality. To ensure the company keeps ahead of technological developments, Wade continues to invest in state-of-the-art machinery to improve the efficiency and consistent quality of their products. While producing the finest products, Wade also takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, taking measures to minimize waste by recycling excess materials.
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