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Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipettor

SKU: 704708

SKU: 704708

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Transferpette® S - Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipettor
Manual, single channel pipettor with fixed volume. Ideal for demanding laboratory scientists who prefer traditional control layout. Robust, yet lightweight construction paired with simple, one-handed operation allows a high degree of accuracy and precision. Housing is made of polypropylene, pistons will not corrode, keeping volumes accurate over time.Transferpette® S is the product of intensive ergonomic and operational studies, and the application of innovative materials. 



  • One-handed operation
  • 12.5mm piston stroke-length is shortest of all leading pipettes
  • Accepts universal tips
  • Completely and repeatedly autoclavable at 121°C/250°F (20 minutes)


 Capacity Accuracy Coefficient of Variation Type of Tip
10µl 0.1ul (1.0%)  0.05µl (0.5%) Nano Cap, Ultra Micro, Filter Tip
20µl 0.16ul (0.8%) 0.08µl (0.4%) Yellow/Neutral, Filter Tip
25µl 0.2ul (0.8%)  0.1µl (0.4%) Yellow/Neutral, Filter Tip
50µl 0.4ul (0.8%) 0.2µl (0.4%) Yellow/Neutral, Filter Tip
100µl 0.6ul (0.6%) 0.2µl (0.2%) Yellow/Neutral, Filter Tip
200µl 1.2ul (0.6%) 0.4µl (0.2%) Yellow/Neutral, Filter Tip
500µl 3.0ul (0.6%) 1.0µl (0.2%) Blue/Neutral, Filter Tip
1000µl  6.0ul (0.6%) 2.0µl (0.2%) Blue/Neutral, Filter Tip


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