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Grade 992 Sharkskin Qualitative Filter Paper - 100 Circles

SKU: CSHARK-24.0~pk

SKU: CSHARK-24.0~pk

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Grade 992 Sharkskin Qualitative Filter Paper - 100 Circles - Creped

Grade 992 sharkskin filter papers are made from super-refined cellulose and have been specifically designed to have particular properties for each technical application. The applications range from the filtration of beverages to the purification of electroplating baths.

Resistant to weak acids and bases. Often used as a protective paper for filter press cloths, as well as in processing of cocoa butter and edible oils.

  • Grade: 0992
  • Particle Retention: 43µm
  • Flow Rate: Medium to Slow
  • Filtration speed herzberg (s): 53
  • Filtration speed rapidity mls/min: 130
  • Units: 100 Circles