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Grade 040 - Medium Flow Rate Ashless Filter Paper - 100 Circles

SKU: C0040-11.0~pk

SKU: C0040-11.0~pk

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Grade 040 - Medium Flow Rate Ashless Filter Paper - 100 Circles 

These standard ashless grades are high purity filter papers suitable for routine quantitative gravimetric techniques and in the preparation of samples for use in analysis involving instrumental techniques.

This grade has medium flow rate and good particle retention and is the most commonly used acidwashed filter. This filter paper covers a wide range of general ashless filtration applications. It is used for gravimetric analysis of numerous components (e.g.: cements, copper, clay, bismuth, silicon, iron) found in heavy industries such as construction, mining or steel. This filter paper is also used as a high purity filter for speedy filtering of trace elements such as silver chromate, lead sulfate, zinc and ammonium hydroxides. This filter paper is also found in general soil analysis for separating solid from aqueous extracts.

  • Grade: 040
  • Particle Retention: 2µm
  • Flow Rate: Medium
  • Filtration speed herzberg (s): 229
  • Filtration speed rapidity mls/min: 30
  • Ash Content: 0.007%
  • Units: 100 Circles