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Grade 541 Quantitative Filter Paper - 22µm, Fast Flow Rate

SKU: 1541-070~pk

SKU: 1541-070~pk

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Grade 541 Quantitative Hardened Ashless Filter Paper - 22µm, Fast Flow Rate - 100 Circles

Grade 541 is the supreme quantitative filter paper, featuring high wet strength and chemical resistance. These papers are acid hardened, which reduces ash to an extremely low level. Their tough surfaces make them suitable for a wide range of critical analytical filtration operations. Each grade offers a convenient combination of filtration speed and particle retention.

Fast filtration of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates in acid/alkali solutions during gravimetric analysis. Typical applications include fiber in animal foodstuffs, gelatine in milk and cream, chloride in cement, and chloride and phosphorous in coal and coke.
  • Grade: 541
  • Particle Retention: 22µm
  • Flow Rate: Fast
  • Filtration speed herzberg (s): 34
  • Typical Thickness: 155µm
  • Basis Weight (g/m2): 82
  • Ash Content: 0.006%
  • Units: 100 Circles