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Discharge Tube for BrandTech Seripettor® + Seripettor® Pro

SKU: 704518~ea

SKU: 704518~ea

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Discharge Tube for BrandTech Seripettor + Seripettor Pro

Discharge tubes for the seripettor® pro have an integrated discharge valve and require an adapter for attachment to the valve body.

Discharge tubes for seripettor®

 For Nominal Volume, mL Length mm Cat. No. 
2mL 95 704518
10, 25 mL 95 704520

Discharge tubes for seripettor® pro

 For Nominal Volume, mL Length mm Cat. No.
2mL 90 707915
10mL 90 707916
25mL 120 707918
Adapter for Discharge Tube 6208