Dispensette S Organic - Fixed-Volume

SKU: 4630231~ea
Dispensette S Organic - Fixed-Volume

Dispensette S Organic - Fixed-Volume

SKU: 4630231~ea
With or Without Recirculation Valve
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Dispensette® S Organic - Fixed-Volume

Dispensette® S Organic Bottletop dispenser is designed for use with organic solvents, including combinatorial chemistry solvents, concentrated acids such as HCl and HNO3 , trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), tetrahydrofuran (THF), and peroxides.

Continual upgrades makes this the safest and most convenient model ever, while retaining the features that make the Dispensette® the world's favourite bottletop dispenser.

“Floating piston” design of the Dispensette® S forms a zero-wear sealing system with outstanding sliding properties. Optimized flow channels make dispensing and priming even easier – particularly in instruments with large volumes.


  • The GL45mm standard thread, plus included adapters, fit most common lab bottles
  • The valve block rotates 360° so the bottle label always faces the user for safety
  • Telescoping filling tube adjusts to different bottle sizes
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Simple to mount discharge tube available with or without integrated recirculation valve
  • Designed without additional sealing rings for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Replaceable discharge valve with safety valve
  • Olive-shaped filling valve for firmer attachment of filling tubes
  • Scalloped track for secure volume setting on analog dispensers
  • Improved flow technology results in faster priming

The Dispensette® S Organic bottletop dispenser is supplied with: discharge tube, valve mounting/calibration tool, polypropylene adapters, telescoping filling tube, recirculation tube (optional), performance certificate, operating manual, and one year warranty.


Volume mL A* ≤ ± % A* ≤ ± CV* ≤ CV* ≤ w/o Recirculation Valve
w/o Recirculation Valve
5 0.5 25 0.1 5 4630230 4630231
10 0.5 50 0.1 10 4630240 4630241

A*=Accuracy, CV*=Coefficient of Variation

*The value of accuracy and coefficient of variation are final test values referring ot the delivered nominal volume, instrument and distilled water at equilibrium with ambient temperature (20°C/68°F) and with smooth operation.

Dispensette S Literature
Dispensette S Organic Manual
Dispensette S Organic Calibration SOP

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