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Discharge Valves for BrandTech Dispensette® S

SKU: 6749~ea

SKU: 6749~ea

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Discharge Valves for BrandTech Dispensette® S / Dispensette® S Organic / Dispensette® S Trace Analysis

Discharge valves are manufactured of PFA/Boro 3.3/ceramic components. The Dispensette® S discharge valve has a platinum-iridium valve spring; the Dispensette® S Organic discharge valve has a tantalum valve spring.

Discharge valves for the Dispensette® S Trace Analysis are available with either a platinum-iridium or tantalum valve spring for specific applications (e.g., Pt-Ir valve for dispensing HF).

Discharge Valves for Dispensette® S

 For Nominal Volume, mL Part No.
1,2 6749
5,10 6727
25,50,100 6728

Discharge Valves for Dispensette® S Organic

 For Nominal Volume, mL Part No.
1,2,5,10 6729
25,50,100 6730

Discharge Valves for Dispensette® S Trace Analysis

 Valve Type Part No.
Platinum - iridium 6732
Tantalum 6733