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Discharge Tube for BrandTech Dispensette® S

SKU: 708002~ea

SKU: 708002~ea

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Discharge Tube for BrandTech Dispensette® S / Dispensette® S Organic / Dispensette® S Trace Analysis

Discharge tubes for the Dispensette® S, Dispensette® S Organic, and Dispensette® S Trace Analysis are available with or without a recirculation valve.

Discharge valves for the Dispensette® S models are sold separately. To purchase a Discharge valve, click here.

Discharge tubes for Dispensette® S

 For Nominal Volume, mL Shape  Lenth mm Without Recirculation Valve With Recirculation Valve
1,2,5,10 fine tip 105 708002 708102
5,10 standard tip 105 708005 708104
25,50,100 fine tip 135 708006 708106
25,50,100 standard tip 135 708008 708109

Discharge tubes for Dispensette® S Organic

 For Nominal Volume, mL Shape  Length mm Without Recirculation Valve With Recirculation Valve
5,10 standard tip 105 708014 708114
5,10 fine tip 105 708012 708112
25,50,100 standard tip 135 708019 708119
25,50,100 fine tip 135 708016 708116

Discharge tubes for Dispensette® S Trace Analysis

 Valve Type Without Recirciulation Vale With Recirculation Valve
Platinum - iridium 708022 708122
Tantalum 708024 708124