V4 AutoTrickler + A&D FX-120i

SKU: V4 Combo + FX-120i

V4 AutoTrickler + A&D FX-120i

SKU: V4 Combo + FX-120i
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Full Package Includes:

Inspired by an auger (and refined through simulation, testing, and iteration), a large tube with deep spiral grooves pours bulk powder at rates up to 50 GN/s, ramping down smoothly to within 1-2 grains of the target. A smaller tube then takes over to complete the charge within a kernel using an efficient ramping curve that takes calibrated flow rates into account. By popular request, a green light shines down through the clear panel indicating the correct charge weight has been reached. Both tubes are driven directly by toothed timing belts which will not wear out over time.

  • Works with fine ball powders like CFE223 and H335
  • Works with large kernel powders like N570 and H50BMG
  • Maximum flow rate ~50 GN/s for large caliber rifle
  • Integrated electronics and motors with fixed cabling
  • Acrylic panel and silicone pads ensure assembly is stable, quiet, and level
  • All commonly replaced wear parts from previous versions no longer exist
  • Potential for performance improvements through app updates
  • Integrates with standard A&D FX or FZ 120i, 200i, 300i, or 500i

AutoTrickler V4 rests on a clear acrylic panel with soft silicone pads that minimize vibration and noise. The housing can be easily lifted from the panel without disturbing the scale. Silicone pads added to the scale platform keep the entire assembly stable and level. A tilt adjustment within the housing will be factory set so that leveling the scale using it's built-in bubble level will set the AutoTrickler at the correct tilt angle.

The electronics module fits inside the housing and is replaceable if necessary. The motors are integrated so their short cables will never move or break. One cable connects the AutoTrickler to the FX-120i scale with 20 AWG wiring. Both ends are protected with strain relief and an in-line connector allows easy disconnection. The scale side of the cable can also be replaced separately from the rest of the electronics if needed.

The hopper incorporates a rotating valve so it can be removed easily. The hopper has a flat bottom so it can rest on a table while holding powder. 
When in use, the hopper is positively locked into the housing. The hopper also blocks the powder reservoir from opening while the valve is open, so the potential for a spill is low.

To empty powder, first turn and remove the hopper. Then slide up the window and pour the powder into the hopper. Tilt the unit backwards to clear powder out of the tubes. Any remaining powder will be clearly visible either in the rear reservoir or by looking through the tubes.

Invented and manufactured by Adam MacDonald. CE Products is proud to partner with MacDonald Innovations, offering our customers one-stop shopping to build their reloading system bundle.

Need V4 without the scale? Head to MacDonald Innovations

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