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4L Citranox Phosphate Free Acid Detergent



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A biodegradable acid cleaner and detergent for manual cleaning or for use in ultrasonic cleaning units.  Useful to clean dairy equipment, lab ware, optical or electronic components, pharmaceutical equipment, cosmetics manufacturing equipment, metal forgings, stampings or castings.  Also used to clean industrial parts, tanks, pipes, reactors and boilers.  It will remove scale, milkstone, metal oxides, fats, oils, greases, solvents and metallic complexes. 

It's concentrated to save you money and phosphate free with a pleasant citrus scent. 

Cleaning Method:  Mix in 2oz of Citranox® per 1 gallon of water. Soak parts for at least 30 min. Scrub as needed. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry thoroughly.

Volume: 4 Liters (1 Gallon)
Units: 1