Class A Volumetric Pipette

SKU: 1595A1-1~ea

Class A Volumetric Pipette

SKU: 1595A1-1~ea
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Reusable Class A Volumetric Pipette
Class A, reusable volumetric pipettes meet ASTM E-969 specifications. Used to transport a specific volume of liquid, calibrated to deliver. 
Manufactured from specially selected, heavy wall machine drawn borosilicate accurate bore glass tubing. Designed with precision forged jets and bevel ground ends to resist chipping. Graduation marks are in durable amber enamel resistant to normal laboratory agents and repeated washing.100
 Capacity Colour Length Tolerance
1ml Blue 345 mm 0.006ml ±
2ml Orange 355 mm 0.006ml ±
3ml Black 360 mm 0.01ml ±
4ml Red 365 mm 0.01ml ±
5ml White 375 mm

0.01ml ±

8ml Blue 430 mm 0.02ml ±
10ml Red 440 mm 0.02ml ±
15ml Green 460 mm 0.03ml ±
20ml Yellow 475 mm 0.03ml ±
25ml Blue 480mm 0.03ml ±
50ml Red 540mm 0.05ml ±
100ml Yellow 600mm  0.08ml ±





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