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Class A Volumetric Flask with Plastic Stopper

SKU: CL1503AP-25~ea

SKU: CL1503AP-25~ea

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Class A Volumetric Flask with Plastic Stopper
Class A volumetric flasks, with a fitted polyethylene stopper and calibrated to contain. Made by Bomex from borosilicate glass with a heavy tubing neck. Each flask has a single, permanent graduation line etched into the neck of the flask, and its capacity has been printed on the side. Meets ASTM E-288 Class A Specifications.
*200ml flask is Sibata brand with a green snap cap
 Capacity: Dimensions(OD x H): Tolerance:  Markings: Stopper:
10ml 36 x 90mm ±0.02ml White White polyethylene stopper
25ml 37 x 110mm ±0.03ml White White polyethylene stopper
50ml 49 x 140mm ±0.05ml White White polyethylene stopper
200ml* 75 x 210mm ±0.15ml White Green Plastic Snap Cap
250ml 80 x 220mm ±0.15ml Blue White polyethylene stopper
500ml 100 x 265mm ±0.25ml White White polyethylene stopper
2000ml / 2L 160 x 375mm ±0.6ml Brown White polyethylene stopper
Volumetric flasks are a must have for any chemistry lab to accurately manufacture or mix standard solutions. For solutions prepared by weight/volume ratios, a volumetric flask will fit on a standard triple beam or digital balance. They can also be used to compliment your kitchen as an oil or vinegar dispenser.