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Class A Volumetric Flask with Plastic Stopper

SKU: 1503AP-10~ea

SKU: 1503AP-10~ea

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Class A Volumetric Flask - Batch Certified with Plastic Stopper
Batch certified Class A volumetric flask, calibrated to contain. Made from durable borosilicate glass, with a heavy tubing neck and fitted with a polyethylene stopper. Flasks feature a sharp graduation line and large white block letters. Meets Class A specifications per ASTM E288.
Part Number  Capacity Tolerance Dimensions (OD x H)
1503AP-10 10ml ±0.02ml 36 x 90mm
1503AP-25 25ml ±0.03ml 37 x 110mm
1503AP-50 50ml ±0.05ml 49 x 140mm
1503AP-100 100ml ±0.1ml 60 x 170mm
1503AP-200 200ml ±0.15ml 75 x 210mm
1503AP-250 250ml ±0.15ml 80 x 220mm
1503AP-500 500ml ±0.25ml 100 x 265mm
1503AP-1L 1000ml ±0.4ml 127 x 315mm
1503AP-2L 2000ml ±0.6ml 160 x 375mm