Class A Serological Pipette

SKU: 1605A1-11~ea

Class A Serological Pipette

SKU: 1605A1-11~ea
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Reusable Glass Class A Serological Pipette

Class A serological pipettes made from durable, reusable glass. Pipettes are graduated to the tip and are calibrated to deliver. Features permanent amber markings and colour codings enameled onto the glass. 5ml / 25ml have constriction at top of pipette.

 Capacity Colour Dimensions Tolerance  Sub Divisions

1ml (Discontinued)


 7 x 360mm



1ml - High Resolution Yellow  7 x 360mm  0.01ml 0.01ml
2 ml Green  7 x 360mm  0.01ml 0.1ml
5 ml Blue 8 x 365mm  0.02ml 0.1ml
10 ml Orange 10 x 370mm   0.03ml 0.1ml
25 ml White 7 x 360mm  0.1ml 0.1ml

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