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Milwaukee MI555-006 Stabilizer for MI455 Mini Titrator

SKU: 9139-MI555-006~ea

SKU: 9139-MI555-006~ea

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Milwaukee MI555-006 Stabilizer for MI455 Mini Titrator (80 x 0.27g)

MI555-006 Stabilizer Reagent is required for determination of SO2 using MI455 SO2 Mini Titrator. MI455 requires the addition of MI555-06 stabilizer powder to convert iodate into iodine. Iodine reacts with sulfur dioxide. Iodate offers a longer shelf life than Iodine.

The MI555-006 powder is packaged into single use packets that are emptied into the sample prior to performing the titration.  Packets are marked with an expiration date and lot number for traceability.